Should You Workout During Your Period?

This topic may be a bit taboo but I’ve received this question quite a few times, and I wanted to give my personal experience along with what I’ve read about it.

Some women get extremely sick during their period and others are quite fine.

I feel like I’m the latter. I get very minimal symptoms(mostly cramps) but I have a very heavy flow.

I’ve never had a regular cycle and after having my son it was worse.

When my cycle came back it came back with a vengeance. It lasted weeks and sometimes a month. I had what is called Menorrhagia.

When I went to the doctors my only option was birth control and for my own personal reason, I refused.

So I looked to alternative medicine and managed to stop it. But it wouldn’t return on time. I would sometimes be two almost three months late and I knew for sure I wasn’t pregnant. And once again when it returned it was heavy.

I started working out on Nov 4th, 2018. My period came the next day. I could have used that as an excuse to not workout the next day, but I didn’t.

This a screenshot of my cycles from last year to this month

I haven’t looked back since then.

The benefits I’ve found since I’ve made this lifestyle change are my cycle are shorter and very predictable. My flow is not as heavy and my cramps are not as bad.

If you’re someone who has low energy during your cycle I would tone down my workout to fit my energy levels. Whether it’s just a walk or a quick aerobics class I wouldn’t skip my workouts.

Also, because exercise releases happy endorphins I find that I’m not as sad as used to be leading up to my period.

Our bodies are amazing and we are stronger than we want to give ourselves credit for. Stay hydrated and get your blood pumping. Your body will thank you for it!

Keep going! If no one believes in you I do. You’ve got this!

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10 thoughts on “Should You Workout During Your Period?”

  1. I definitely need to kick myself harder during meltdown week, but you’re so right, just by doing something, even a walk (pains allowing) is much better than nothing.

  2. Hiya, not sure what’s going on, I seem to be able to get into the link to my blog ok. then the link to you (most important bit :)) seems ok too. I’ve asked a work colleague to try also and she seems to be ok, so really sorry, not sure what’s happening. might be best just to copy and paste direct from my post into a new post on your blog if you fancy nominating others :). Don’t worry if not, it is a pleasure for me to nominate you 🙂

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