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Beating Obesity (Inspirational Transformation Journeys)

She’s one of the first few accounts I followed when I joined Instagram. She’s so unconventional to her approach on how she documents her journey and I absolutely love it.

She doesn’t hide anything which makes her feel more human. I love the raw truths she shares on her page. Whether it’s a slight weight gain or a non scale victory of getting up on the floor unassisted.

If you want to continue to follow her journey you can follow her on Instagram. Her handle is @holycrapimfat. She also has a YouTube channel that you should definitely check out. Click Here

1. Tell me about yourself. Something unique and dynamic. Not the generic things that someone can find out on social media. But also add your name (first name) and age, please.

My name is Stephanie and I’m 51 years old!

2. What gave you the motivation to start your journey?

I Needed to feel better. I was tired and sore. I couldn’t move my body.

3. How did you start? (Did you start by exercising or did you clean up your diet first? And did you clean up your diet gradually or did you jump right into it?

I stared my journey slow. I gradually added whole foods to my diet. I also started intermittent fasting.

4. What’s the hardest thing about your lifestyle change?

I still have binge tendencies. I mess up from time to time. But I just pick myself up the next day.

5. What has kept you going even when you didn’t feel like it or when you felt like it’s not working out how you planned?

I need to feel better. My weight and eating was killing me. Becoming healthy is my motivation!

6. Do you have any regrets on where you had to get to change your lifestyle around? And did you have to evaluate yourself to find the source of your weight gain?

Losing weight is more of a mental game. The physical game is easy. But to truly change your lifestyle you have to work on your emotions. You have to have self-love to be successful. I had to believe that I was worthy of a healthy lifestyle.

7. Why is/was this time different from the other times you’ve tried to lose weight? What gave you the strength to not give up this round?

Im getting old. I don’t have much time left to change things around, so I had to change.

8. What has been your happiest or the most rewarding moments since you’ve started your journey?

Being able to get on and off the floor without farting, and crossing my legs.

9. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about or just started their lifestyle change?

Just don’t quit. Keep going. If you screw up just pick yourself up and move forward!

10. What is the ultimate goal? Do you have a specific weight goal? Is there something you want to achieve after getting to your ideal place?

My goal weight is 180lbs. I’m taking this journey 50lbs at a time. Also, I want to continue to maintain a healthy weight.

The first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard! If you keep going you may be the next person featured here!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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