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Why Wait On Tomorrow?

Every time in the past when someone would talk about losing weight with me I would always say I’m going to start losing weight soon.

Or I’ll start tomorrow or on Monday.

I never realized that I was so intimated by the whole process of a weight loss journey that my brain could never process the whole idea of me doing it now.

I mean why not today?

Would there be some drastic change in you tomorrow that you don’t have today?

Most likely no.

If you wait until tomorrow you may actually be in a much worse position than you are today.

We are afraid of the unknown. We don’t like change.

So doing something different is very scary because it forces us into the unknown.

But what if you went on that walk today instead of tomorrow?

What if you changed your diet right now rather than on Monday?

Whether you decide to change now or not time still goes on.

Where will you be six months from now? Will you have made a change for the better or will you still be sitting on the couch scrolling aimlessly on social media?

Remember the first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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