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Beating Obesity (Inspirational Transformation Journeys)

I’m so excited to bring this series back to the blogs! I love seeing people succeed on their journey!

This is our first feature of the year and it is also our first feature of a guy and I’m so happy to share a male’s perspective on their own weight loss journey!

I don’t even remember how we connected on Instagram but I’m so glad we did. His story and his page is amazing and so very inspiring!

If you’d like to follow his journey head over to Instagram. His handle is @92ashes

1. Tell me about yourself. Something unique and dynamic. Not the generic things that someone can find out on social media. But also add your name (first name) and age, please.

My name is Alex. I’m 27 years old. I’m always trying to find ways to inspire and keep others motivated using myself, my own failures, struggles as an example that you can be something coming from nothing. I also spend a lot of my time to further improve personal development through books and journaling. I’ve made it to the Anytime Fitness members spotlight featuring my journey on their wall at my local gym. 

2. What gave you the motivation to start your journey?

What got me motivated for sure was when my doctor said I was prediabetic and have high blood pressure. She said,  “If you don’t lose some weight. You’ll have to be on blood pressure medication, and you’ll end up full-blown diabetic and you’ll end up having to take medication for that as well if you keep going like this.“ This hit me because that’s how I lost my grandmother when I was about 13yrs. I didn’t want to go through what my grandmother went through. I didn’t want to struggle to try to live and struggle with being overweight. I didn’t want to go through that route.

3. How did you start? (Did you start by exercising or did you clean up your diet first? And did you clean up your diet gradually or did you jump right into it?

I jumped right into cleaning my diet right away and started exercising. Walking outside at the park for 30min was literally my exercise for the day.

4. What’s the hardest thing about your lifestyle change?

I’d say probably time management to fit my workout for the day since I work from 5 am to 5 pm.

5. What has kept you going even when you didn’t feel like it or when you felt like it’s not working out how you planned?

I kept telling myself, “Don’t give up. You’ve come this far. There’s no going back. You have to keep moving forward.” or “Hey it’s only 30min. It’s not long, Alex”

6. Do you have any regrets about where you had to get to change your lifestyle around? And did you have to evaluate yourself to find the source of your weight gain?

I don’t regret my decision on changing my lifestyle. Yeah, I knew it was going to be challenging because you’re literally changing your mindset and your whole physical body. Not to mention emotionally. So I know I’m going to encounter really difficult obstacles but whatever I’ve lost along this journey I’ve gained some really valuable people in my life and I’ve learned what the mind is capable of. Although I really had to do some re-evaluation on myself and of the source of my weight gain. It wasn’t just about my grandmother passing away that caused my weight gain, because after she passed I remember saying one day as a child, “I wanna be like grandma.” So I kept eating whatever and how much I wanted and from there on there was a lot of lack of self-confidence and lack of self-love.

7. Why is/was this time different from the other times you’ve tried to lose weight? What gave you the strength to not give up this round?

I remember trying before to lose weight. The difference between now and before was the difference in mindset. Yeah I guess back then I wanted to “lose weight” but I guess I didn’t want it bad enough. As a pose to now, I really wanted it. Haha.

8. What has been your happiest or the most rewarding moments since you’ve started your journey?

Receiving messages on my social media that I’ve inspired them to start their own weight loss journey or telling me they love my story those are some happy moments and the most rewarding is to be able to put on a seatbelt without struggling or sitting uncomfortably in a car and to slide into a booth at a restaurant seeing that there’s a gap between the table and my stomach. I’m excited to experience more things like this in life.

9. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about or just started their lifestyle change?

If you’re thinking about this lifestyle change. I’d say do it. You’ll learn so much about yourself that you never knew about yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything within yourself. The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself and if you’ve just started this lifestyle change. Enjoy the process, trust the process.

10. What is the ultimate goal? Do you have a specific weight goal? Is there something you want to achieve after getting to your ideal place?

My ultimate goal is to get to 10% body fat building muscle. Of course, that’s not until after excess skin removal surgery. But that’s a different journey in itself. I don’t really have a specific goal weight. If I’m in a weight range of where I can fit into stylish clothes that I love and look good experiencing life. That’s where I wanna be at. Once I’ve reached my ideal place of where I wanna be at on my physique. I can continue further working on the rest of the four pillars of the good life while continuing to inspire others to reach their own potential. The four pillars of life are Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.

Remember the first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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