The Truth About Your Weight Loss Goal

Before you set off on your weight loss journey you envision yourself at your goal weight with the “perfect “ body that you have rightly worked for.

In your head, you’ll get there within a few months with no hiccups on the road. 

If only this was our reality. 

If this was the case none of us would be overweight. 

The truth is depending on how much weight you may want to lose it will probably take you well over a year.

The magic number that you envisioned you wanted to be will probably change!

It may go higher or it may go lower!

It all depends on your body! 

You may get to your goal weight and not like the way your body may look!

So don’t focus so much on your goal weight but more so on your body composition!

Remember the first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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You are a pink starburst and don’t let anyone tell you differently! xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Your Weight Loss Goal”

  1. So true! We can think the ‘perfect weight’ will bring us everything we want. But it’s good to focus on the smaller goals and, rather than think about changes in our lives, make a start and keeping going! Have a great weekend xx

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