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Beating Obesity (Inspirational Transformation Journeys)

How I found Asia was a little bit different. Even though she was on a weight loss journey it was her confidence that reeled me in.

If I’ve ever seen someone who is comfortable in their own skin it is her. It is still something I am personally working on.

Losing weight does not mean you fix everything that is wrong with you. You have to consciously make the effort to love yourself and tell yourself that you are worthy and you are loved!

If you want to follow her journey you can follow her on Instagram @curves.n.cardio

1.Tell me about yourself. Something unique and dynamic. Not the generic things that someone can find out on social media. But also add your name (first name) and age, please.

I’m Asia Milia Ware, I’m 24 years old and from Queens, New York. Something unique about me that you wouldn’t be able to tell from social media is that I was a dancer for most of my childhood (10 years), I even danced in the parades at Disneyland. It’s my past life lol.

2.What gave you the motivation to start your journey?

I started my fitness journey years ago, my freshman year in college, over 5 years ago now. I wanted to work in the fashion industry (which I do now) and I wasn’t happy nor confident with the way I looked. However, I was 18 and that’s very different from who I am today. Now I really just want to motivate other woman especially Black women to care about their wellness and to show that you can be curvy and fit. I really want to master learning the body and inspire other women, particularly younger women like myself who often feel conflicted with living “young, wild, and free,” while also caring for their health. That’s my motivation now.

3.How did you start? (Did you start by exercising or did you clean up your diet first? And did you clean up your diet gradually or did you jump right into it?

I started by exercising and cutting out things like sugar, red meat, soda, etc. I focused more on incorporating veggies into smoothies and having a balanced diet. It was hard because I was in college and now in much control of my food options but I made it work at the beginning of my journey.

4.What’s the hardest thing about your lifestyle change?

Getting people around you to understand. The temptation is real and it’s why I try to practice and pray over self-discipline often. The hardest thing is when those around you don’t understand the lifestyle and they feel offended or get upset when you don’t want to drink or don’t want to eat certain things when it’s more of a mental thing for me and nothing personal against them.

5.What has kept you going even when you didn’t feel like it or when you felt like it’s not working out how you planned?

To be completely honest, some days when I don’t feel like it, I don’t force myself to feel like it. It’s ok and every day can’t and won’t be perfect. But, on the days I push through I just remember the post-workout feeling, or the feeling when I look in the mirror and see results, those little things keep me going.

6.Do you have any regrets on where you had to get to change your lifestyle around? And did you have to evaluate yourself to find the source of your weight gain? 

Regrets, no. Weight gain? Yes. After I originally lost all my weight, I gained some and fluctuated for years. I don’t regret a thing, I’m young and a lot of my up and down weight came from being in an industry where I go to a lot of open bar parties, I travel a lot, I didn’t have a routine eating schedule for a while. I don’t regret living in my 20’s.

7.Why is/was this time different from the other times you’ve tried to lose weight? What gave you the strength to not give up this round? 

I started my journey a while back and have fluctuated many times since then. So I can speak about back then, but I was just tired of being tired. A lot of times the strength comes from within and you just have to master mindfulness which is what I’ve been working on.

8.What has been your happiest or the most rewarding moments since you’ve started your journey? 

Helping other women.

9.What advice would you give someone who is thinking about or just started their lifestyle change?

Don’t be discouraged by the scale and do your research. Don’t just see someone with your goal body or weight eating keto or another trend and hop on it because it worked for them. Research your body type, look into what foods do, and don’t work for your body. And most of all be kind to yourself and patient. Nothing happens overnight and it’s easy to jump into a state of frustration, but remember this is a journey, not a marathon or a race.

10.What is the ultimate goal? Do you have a specific weight goal? Is there something you want to achieve after getting to your ideal place?

Now, I have a goal weight but more of a goal look that I’m working towards. I stopped placing things in destination happiness so only achieving something when I reach an ideal weight or look isn’t really how I look at things, anything I want to achieve I’m actively working on. And if I happen to achieve it after that, that’s amazing! If I achieve it before then, it’s just as amazing.

Remember the first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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