200 lbs Gone In 2 Years

When I started my journey I truly didn’t expect to be where I am today!

I didn’t set my goal too high as not disappoint myself.

I’ve tried before, but somehow I kept on failing.

This time I fell in love with exercise and how it made me feel. It became my therapy and it made me feel good.

I don’t expect everyone to have the same reaction as me.

But this time was different because I did it for me and I told myself this was not a diet but a lifestyle change!

Life happens. I had to take a break from my active lifestyle, but as soon as I’m cleared to return I’ll definitely be back!

But do it for yourself because no one else can do it for you!

Remember the first step is trying and the next step is not giving up when things get hard!

Keep going! If no one else believes in you know that I do. You’ve got this!

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You are a pink starburst and don’t let anyone tell you differently! xoxoxo

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