My Journey Tools

Here you can find some of the products that I’ve found to be helpful and beneficial to my journey. Especially in the beginning of my journey before I ventured out to the gym.

It is essential to stay hydrated especially during physical activity. Click here to purchase a reliable and sturdy water bottle.

Counting calories is hard. I learnt that we overestimate our portions. A food scale helped me a great deal when it came to portion size and counting calories. Click here to purchase a reliable food scale.

Keeping your meals healthy can be a little difficult especially when your recipe calls for frying. The air fryer is a game changer and is one of the best investments I’ve made! Click here to check out the one I got. It’s very affordable!

A medicine is an essential piece of an equipment when building a strong core. Click here to purchase yours.

You will definitely need some dumbbells to start your weight loss journey. Click here to purchase your starting set of dumbbells.

When you don’t have a gym to go to these resistance bands can help you create exercise routines you didn’t think were possible. Click here to purchase your set.

These pull up resistance bands can add extra weight when you want an intense workout at home. Click here to purchase yours.

If you don’t want any blisters while your working out I’d invest in a good pair of workout gloves. Click here for the ones I’ve been using for over a year.

Massage guns can get a little pricey, but I can attest of the benefits of having one can do. If you’re someone who gets sore easily I think you should definitely look into getting one! They are a little expensive, but this one is not as pricey as the other ones. Click here to check it out!

Visit my Amazon Storefront to view other tools I’ve found to beneficial. Also, I have different protein powders, protein bars and supplements like the vitamin B that I’ve been using. Click here to check out my page.

*The links shared here are affiliate links and if you do decide to use them I will be compensated.