Why Your Burning Fewer Calories

At the beginning of your journey when you were bigger if you tracked your calories you would have noticed you burned a lot of calories. Sometimes by just doing simple exercises. But as time progressed and you’ve lost weight you begin to notice that you’re burning fewer calories in the same span of time. In… Continue reading Why Your Burning Fewer Calories

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Why You Should Unfollow All Accounts That Make You Feel Insecure

Social media has become the new normal. It’s where we catch-up with friends and family. But, it’s also where we get our entertainment. We sometimes follow a lot of celebrities, Instagram models or fitness models. Most times we only see a glimpse of their lives, but we tend to compare ourselves with them. If you… Continue reading Why You Should Unfollow All Accounts That Make You Feel Insecure

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Don’t Focus On The After Effects Of Losing Weight

If you’ve been overweight for a very long time, every time you step on the scale and you notice that you’ve lost some weight it is a very nostalgic feeling. A high that cannot be explained unless you’ve been in the situation. But, if you’ve also been overweight you know the changes that occur aren’t… Continue reading Don’t Focus On The After Effects Of Losing Weight

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Women are somehow programmed in a way as to over analyze things in almost every situation. Unfortunately, weight loss is one of those situations. I find myself comparing myself to persons asking myself why can’t I be like them. Why can’t I lose weight as fast them? Why isn’t my body as perfect them? Why… Continue reading Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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It’s Okay If You’re “Feeling Yourself”

Since I started a healthier lifestyle I find myself doing things I’ve never done or things I haven’t done in years. I look at my reflection every chance I get. Whether it’s a mirror or a window I don’t seem to care! There are days when I wake and my confidence is on ten, and… Continue reading It’s Okay If You’re “Feeling Yourself”