How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

If you’ve ever gone to any supermarket you know how expensive it can be to get just a few items. Let alone to buy enough groceries to last a week or more. If you’re trying to eat healthy things can get even more pricey! But it is possible! If you’re willing to bargain hunt you’ll… Continue reading How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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Celebrating The Non Scale Victories

On this weight loss journey sometimes we overlook certain victories other than the scale. We put so much pressure on the scale moving that we don’t appreciate the other victories. But I’ve learned to celebrate all weight loss achievements. I celebrate when I fit into a goal outfit. I celebrate when I’ve lost inches off… Continue reading Celebrating The Non Scale Victories


What To Do When You’re Getting Bored With Your Workouts

Anything you do over and over can become boring. If you do the same workout routine repeatedly it will become boring. Especially, if you have a short attention span. This dilemma can actually be remedied very easily. Change your workout routine. If you’re aren’t afraid of change you can do different exercises like hot yoga,… Continue reading What To Do When You’re Getting Bored With Your Workouts


Why Your Burning Fewer Calories

At the beginning of your journey when you were bigger if you tracked your calories you would have noticed you burned a lot of calories. Sometimes by just doing simple exercises. But as time progressed and you’ve lost weight you begin to notice that you’re burning fewer calories in the same span of time. In… Continue reading Why Your Burning Fewer Calories


Dealing With Cravings While On A Weight Loss Journey

Being overweight most of my life didn’t come from me eating healthy. My weight gain was caused by constant snacking on the worst type of foods. Cakes, cookies, candies, chips and anything else you can think of. I didn’t like cooked food. But, I did love fast food. I literally was killing myself daily with… Continue reading Dealing With Cravings While On A Weight Loss Journey