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Dealing With The Mental Hurdles While On A Weight Loss Journey

I know for me personally some of my biggest hurdles during my weight loss journey have all been in my mind. My fear of failing. Or even my fear of actually succeeding. Most times you have nothing to fear but fear itself. But no matter what it is I want you to understand that your… Continue reading Dealing With The Mental Hurdles While On A Weight Loss Journey

mentally fit

Understanding You Can’t Control Everything

I have been very inconsistent with my routine lately. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that I became a procrastinator overnight. Life happened. Sometimes life will throw curveballs at you and there’s nothing you can about it. So I did my best to readjust. But readjusting doesn’t mean life will regain some type of normalcy. Sometimes you’ll have… Continue reading Understanding You Can’t Control Everything


Flexible Dieting

I really don’t like the term “diet” because honestly, I’m not on a diet. This is my lifestyle! At the beginning of my journey, I was way more strict with my diet. I kept anything that would be considered a temptation out of the house and I did not eat out. As I built more… Continue reading Flexible Dieting

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Everyday Won’t Be Your Best Day

This journey has been eye opening for me! I’ve learned a lot about myself and mental capacity. I honestly didn’t know I was this strong and I’m grateful for this learning experience. But no matter how strong you are every day won’t be great! There will be days where doing trivial things seem like the… Continue reading Everyday Won’t Be Your Best Day

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Weight Loss And Loneliness

Losing weight can be a very fulfilling and happy process. It can also become very lonely. You will lose friends because your ideas and ideology will not match anymore! You may not want to do the same thing as you did before because you may have changed your lifestyle. Some may celebrate with you and… Continue reading Weight Loss And Loneliness