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Beating Obesity (Inspirational Transformation Journeys)

How I found Asia was a little bit different. Even though she was on a weight loss journey it was her confidence that reeled me in. If I’ve ever seen someone who is comfortable in their own skin it is her. It is still something I am personally working on. Losing weight does not mean… Continue reading Beating Obesity (Inspirational Transformation Journeys)

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How People Treat You When You Lose Weight

I never thought about the treatment I got when I was bigger. It never even crossed my mind to tell you the truth. I felt like I was there, almost invisible. But, honestly, I didn’t mind it at all. I’m a natural introvert! I don’t like a lot of attention and I don’t like crowds!… Continue reading How People Treat You When You Lose Weight


How I lost over 200lbs In 18 Months

It’s been a long and hard process. There were times this journey has felt like it’s never going to end. But I’m closer to the finish line now than I was 18 months ago! Throughout this journey, there has been one question that I’ve heard over and over again, “How did you do it?” It’s… Continue reading How I lost over 200lbs In 18 Months

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Why You’re Losing Less Weight Now

When you’re are morbidly obese and you begin you’re weight loss journey if you’re consistent the weight seems to melt off of you in the beginning. But you’ll notice that the smaller you are the harder it is for you to lose weight. When you were bigger you burned more calories with any little movement… Continue reading Why You’re Losing Less Weight Now

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Dealing With Negative Online Comments

Sharing my journey online was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has helped to keep me accountable and focused! I’ve met some of the most supportive groups of people and I don’t know where I would be in my journey without them! But like everything in life, there is also a negative… Continue reading Dealing With Negative Online Comments